Computer: SD Cards and Archiving

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SD Cards and Archiving

In general SD Cards  (Secure Digital Cards) are handy for mobile storage.

SD Cards from 4 GB on are called “SDHC” cards (HC = High Capacity).

Speed Classes of SDHC Cards

Speed Classes were introduced by the SDHC standard….

Class 4: Committed minimum Write Speed  4 Mbyte/s   —    Typical reading speed 26x    (26 x 150 KByte/s)

Class 6:  Committed minimum Write Speed 6 MByte/s        —   Typical reading speed 40x     (40 x 150 KByte/s)

Class 10: Committed minimum Write Speed 10 MByte/s     —   Typical reading speed 66x   (66 x 150 KByte/s)

Prices of SDHC Cards

Today (Jan 2015) I see theese appox. prices:

8 GB Class 10:    8 EUR

16 GB Class 10:  10 EUR

32 GB Class 10:  18 EUR

64 GB Class 10:  32 EUR

128 GB Class 10: 80 EUR

Primary use of SD Cards

For my  digital Cameras   (Panasonic DMZ FZ28, Sony Nex 5R)

Apple iPad CCK (camera Connection Kit)

Smartphone Mobile Telefone Nokia N8

SD Cards for Archiving

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