Computer: LDAP Schema database – enhanced in R5.0.1

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LDAP Schema database – enhanced in R5.0.1 (aus Notizbuch)

Beginning in Release 5.0.1, you can use the command tell ldap exportschema to build/update the Domino LDAP Schema database (SCHEMA50.NSF) in the Domino data directory.

This database provides information about the directory schema in a user-friendly format and can reflect any changes you make if you extend the directory schema. If you extend the directory schema, use the command tell ldap reloadschema, which loads the updated schema into memory, before using tell ldap exportschema.
When the Designer task runs it also reloads the schema into memory and then creates or updates the Domino LDAP Schema database.
For each attribute in the schema, the Domino LDAP Schema database provides the LDAP name, OID, corresponding Domino field, LDAP schema the attribute originated from, and the syntax type.

Tip: To determine the form or forms which use an attribute, switch to the “LDAP ObjectClasses” view, do a full-text search on the attribute, then look at the “Notes Name” column in the view.
For each object class in the schema, the database provides the LDAP name, OID, Domino Directory form that corresponds to the object class, LDAP schema the object class originated from. The database also provides the object class type (abstract, structural, auxiliary), the relative superior and auxiliary object classes, and the associated mandatory and optional attributes.
For each syntax, the database provides the LDAP name (and alternate name), OID, the data type mapping in Notes, and the schema from which the syntax originated.

Computer: LDAPBrowserEditor (aus Wiki)

LDAPBrowserEditor (aus Wiki)

Jarek Gawor LDAP Browser/Editor

Ein LDAP-Browser und -Editor in als Java-Application realisiert….


  • Definitive Software Library ID: LDAPBrowserEditor
  • Name: LDAP Browser/Editor
  • Hersteller/Bezugsquelle: Jarek Gawor
  • Installations-Ordner: D:\Programme\ldapbrowser
  • Konfigurations-Dateien: D:\Programme\ldapbrowser\*.cfg und D:\Programme\ldapbrowser\templates ( Datensicherung CVS )
  • Systemvoraussetzungen: Java

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