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Mobiles Internet in Namibia

Telecom Providers in Namibia

When you arrive in Windhoek at the international Airport Hosea Kutako, you will find after arrival in the airport terminal TWO telecom shops:

  • tn = Telecom Namibia
  • mtc = Mobile Telecommunications Company

Depending on the areas in Namibia where you plan to travel or stay please choose very carefully, the provider of your choice (tn or mtc). The areas of coverage may be very different.

===> Be very carefull with your Credit Card <===

Internet Link:

Guest Farm Kiripotib

As an example, I planned to stay three weeks at Guest Farm Kiripotib in June 2018. There is no tn signal and some mtc signal.
Internet bandwidth is 2 MBit/s.

tn Shop at the airport

Upon arrival at Hosea Kutako International Airport, after leaving the security area, you can turn right and will immediately see the tn shop – this may be the wrong shop for You!

Abbildung 1: tn shop at Windhoek Airport (Google Drive: 20180620_173832.jpg)

Windhoek: tn Shop

mtc shop at the airport

The mtc shop is not so easy to find. It is located far at the left when you leave the security area upon arrival at the airport. The shop is close to one of the exits of the terminal building. It is really important to use this shop, if you want an mtc SIM Card.

Abbildung 2: mtc shop at Windhoek Airport (Google Drive: 20180620_174021.jpg)

Windhoek: mtc shop

mtc shop in the terminal building at Windhoek’s International Airport Hosea Kutako.

Wenn man einen (reinen) Daten-Plan für seine lokale SIM kauft, hat man den Effekt, dass man dann keine Telefonate mit diesem Gerät machen kann.


Achtung: Niemals mit Kreditkarte zahlen, bzw. wenn Kreditkate, diese auf gar keinen Fall ausser Sichtweite geben. Habe extrem schlechte Erfahrung dort gemacht. Am Ende wurde meine Kreditkate durch einen deutschen Sicherheitscheck gesperrt.