Consulting: Corporate Performance Management (CPM)

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CPM Corporate Performance Management (aus Notizbuch)

CPM includes

  • the processes used to manage corporate performance (such as strategy formulation, budgeting and forecasting);
  • the methodologies that drive some of the processes (such as the balanced scorecard or value-based management);
  • and the metrics used to measure performance against strategic and operational performance goals.

However, CPM also comprises a series of analytical applications that provide the functionality to support these processes, methodologies and metrics, targeted at strategic users and corporate level decision making.
Main functionalities that CPM applications should deliver:

  • – Budgeting, Planning, Forecasting
  • – Profitability Modeling and Optimization
  • – Scorecards
  • – Financial consolidation
  • – Statutory and Financial Reporting

Source: Nigel Rayner: Corporate Performance Management Applications Explained, G00130282, 2005-10-04