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Reisen: Chishimba Falls (aus Wiki)

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The Luombe River 7.2 km from Chilubula Mission in Kasama District makes a beautiful water fall called: Chishimba Falls (older: Chisimba Falls). The Luome river joins the Lukulu River shortly after the falls.

Location directions: Drive from Kasama center on the M3 westbound for about 24km, then take the junction to the D20 road. After 11km on the D20 follow the sign “Chishimba Falls 700m – National Monument” to the left. A hydro-electric power plant (owned by ZESCO) is located above the falls.


  • M3/D20 junction: -10.165617,31.001737
  • Turn left from D20: -10.103037,30.928463
  • Chishimba Falls parking lot: -10,10827500,30,91742900

Over a distance of 300m there are three successive falls:

  • Upper fall: Mutumuna Falls drops 20m
  • Middle fall: Kayela Rapids (also: Kaela Rapids)
  • Lower fall: Main Fall, also called the Chishimba Fall drops 25m

The Chishimba Fall belongs to the Monuments and Historic Sites of Zambia.

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