Computer: Web Radio with Online Radio Tuner on Windows 7

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Computer: Web Radio with Online Radio Tuner on Windows 7

Problems with Windows 7 and the BASS Library

After migrating from Windows Vista to Windows 7 my software “Online Radio Tuner” did not work anymore.

The error message was something like a wrong version in the BASS Library.

I re-installed Online Radio Tuner, exported and imported my favorites and re-registered – now it works again on Win7.

Online Radio Tuner: The Steps

Online Radio Tuner: Version

I have now installed version 2.5.4716 on Windows 7.

The unregistered version after the trial period does not allow you to record stations and does not show album art.

Online Radio Tuner: Favorites Export/Import

The favorites could be easily exported as an XML file with: “Favorites -> Organize -> Files -> Export ”

Import of the favorites from such an XML file with: “Favorites -> Organize -> Files -> Import”

Online Radio Tuner: Receiving audio streams

Online Radio Tuner can receive audio streams: MP3, WMA, OGG, AAC, but not Real

Online Radio Tuner: Recording audio streams

Recording is done in MP3 format and also can write ID3 tags if that information is tranmitted.

Scheduling: Is also possible, you can give start and end time as well as the stream URL you want to record.