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Musik: Vinyl LPs digitized and uploaded to iTunes Match

I already have converted all my od Vinyl LP records to MP3 – his has been done by a service from the German AWO.

Problems with these MP3 audio files:

  • They are properly named, but they do not have MP3 tags
  • The quality is sometimes not that good

The idea is to put them into my iTunes Library and go through the process of iTunes Match in order to replace most of them without costs by high quality AAC audio files from the iTunes Store.

In order to do this and gain all the advantages from iTunes Match two things are necessary:

  • Put these old MP3 files in exactly the folder structure that I use for my iTunes, as the eventually replaced and better AAC files will be downloaded from the cloud into that folder structure i.e. Folder “Artist” –> Folder “Album” –> Audio file (with filename = song title)
  • Create ID3 tags with “Artist”, “Album” and “Title”, as iTunes Match will use these when downloading from the cloud and iTunes Match will not use the tags contained in their AAC audio files (take special care if “Album Artist” ist used)

Creating ID3 Tags with MP3Tag

After I have put my MP3 audio files into folders by Arstist and sub-folders by Album, it’s easy to create the ID3 tags with the excellent software tool MP3Tag:

  • Navigate to a album folder
  • select all files in that folder
  • enter artist name and album name once for all the songs and save.
  • Click “Convert” in the menu bar and choose “Filename – Tag” with a “Format String” of “%skip% %title%”

Copy the MP3 files to my local iTunes Library


iCloudStatus =

  • Waiting,
  • Uploaded
  • Matched
  • Duplicate

KInd = …..

  • Matched AAC Audio File
  • MPEG Audio File
  • …..