Humor: The solar eclipse.

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The solar eclipse

The Colonel to the aide: A solar eclipse, something that does not occur all days, is tomorrow early. The men are to be located in the drillich on the barracks yard and to regard the rare play. I will explain it to them. If it rains, we will not see anything, then they are to go into the sport hall.

Aide to the captain: Instruction of the Colonel. Around nine a solar eclipse is tomorrow early. If it rains, one cannot see it from the barracks yard, then she takes place in the drillich in the sport hall. Something that does not occur all days. The Colonel wird’s explain, because the play is rare.

Captain to the second lieutenant: Play of the Colonel tomorrow early nine o’clock in the drillich inauguration of the solar eclipse in the sport hall. The Colonel wird’s it explains why it rains. Very rarely sowas!

Second lieutenant to the sergeant: Rare play instruction: Tomorrow around nine the Colonel in the drillich the sun verfinstern, like it all days occurred in the sport hall, if a beautiful day is. Wenn’s rains, barracks yard!

Sergeant to the NCO: Tomorrow around nine darkening Colonels in the drillich because of the sun. If it rains in the sport hall, which does not occur all days, begin auf’m barracks yard! If actors should be thereby, they are to make themselves rare.

Discussion among the soldiers: ” Haste already belonged, wenn’s rains tomorrow… ” “, ick wees, the Colonel wants unsern drillich verfinstern. Det dollste thing: If the sun does not have a yard, it wants to make one for it. Actors are to get Selter, typically! Then he wants to explain, why he cannot see the barracks for purely sporty reasons any longer. It harms that det does not occur all days. “