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Recording TV with Component Video

How to record TV

As recording of videos via (digital) HDMI is very much restricted by copy protection mechanisms like HCP, there is the analog back door

  • Composite Video is of lowest quality
  • Component Video if of high quality and reaches nearly digital quality with HDTV

So I’m looking for video recorders (PVR) with Component Video as AV input.

My Shortlist

Some products need to be connected to a PC,……

  • Monsoon Vulkano Blast
  • PCTV Broadway T2
  • Fantec R2750
  • Hauppauge HD PVR   (needs a PC)
  • AVerMedia TV USB HD DVR
  • Technisat DIGIT HD8-C

My Evaluation

Tabelle 1: Meine Bewertung

Eigenschaft Vulkano Blast PCTV Broadway T2 Fantec R2750 Hauppauge HD PVR
Stand alone (without PC) Yes Yes No
Integrated TV Tuner No Yes 2 DVB-T Yes 2 DVB-T No
AV Inpuit Composite Video Yes Yes (CVBS) Yes
AV Input S-Video Yes Yes
AV Input Component Video Yes No No Yes
AV Output Component Video Yes Yes
AV Output HDMI Yes No No
Storage Internal Disk Yes No Yes No
Storage SD Card Slot Yes
Network Connectivity LAN Yes Gigabit Yes
Network Connectivity WiFi /WLAN) Yes Yes
Video recording Yes Yes Yes Yes
 Recording media internal disk .USB device FAT32 internal disk or USB device PC via USB
  Recording by hardware encoder H.264 ? No H.264
  Recording resolution 720×480 ./. 720×576 1080i, 720p
  Recording Stream Formats .Digital input: unchanged TS

Analog input: H.264

  Recording Container ./. TS, M2TS, MP4
Video Playback from…
   Playback from AV/In Yes
   Playback from TV tuner Yes
   Playback from streaming server in network (i.e. streaming client) Yes
   Playback from recorded video Yes
Video Playback to….
  Playback to AV/out
  Playback via Streaming Server to DLNA devices in the network Yes DLNA, UPnP Yes Yes No
   Streaming Formats H.264 / MPEG-4 H.264 ./.
  Streaming with time shifting, FF/FR Yes via PC software ./.
   Streaming to mobile devices iPad/iPhone/iPod Yes Yes ./.
   Streaming to mobile devices Android Yes Yes via WebBrowser with Adobe Flash ./.
Power supply 9V / 2.5 A (17W) 12V / 2 A 12 V / 3 A 5 V / 2 A