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MP3 Lame Codec (aus Wiki)

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Lame Codec MP3

Der Lame Codec für MP3 mit Bitraten von xxx bis xxx kBit/sec bei einer Samplingrate von xxxx Hz.

Dies ist ein AudioCodec für MP3. ????

Frage: Wie ist LAME einzuordnen?


  • Definitive Software Library ID: MP3RadiumCodec
  • Name: FHG Radium MP3 Codec
  • Version: v1.2 (Build 63)
  • Hersteller/Bezugsquelle: Fraunhofer Institut für Integrierte Schaltungen
  • Installations-Ordner: d:\audio\l3codec-rdm und c:\winnt\system32\l3codecp.acm
  • Konfigurations-Dateien:
  • Systemvoraussetzungen: Windows

Verwendung (Infrastruktur)

  • Erstellen der Audio-Spur MP3 von DivX-Videos, z.B. mit VirtualDub


The Radium Codec is controlled by the Control Panel > Sounds und Audiogeräte > Hardware > Audio Codecs. Then you’ll see a ‘Fraunhofer IIS MPEG Layer-3 Codec (professional)’ Click on that and you’ll see a ‘settings button’. For your convenience we’ve made a little shortcut icon to this in the Radium codec installer.

There are two types of codecs – internal and external. In 1996 Fraunhofer released the first EXTERNAL Mpeg Layer-3 codec. Using that codec, any program with codec support (like SoundForge and Audiograbber) could make Mp3s. But that was the last external MP3 codec Fraunhofer released.

Since then Fraunhofer have much improved their Mpeg Layer-3 technology but now only license it for INTERNAL use in ‘Opticom Mp3 Producer Pro’ and ‘Audioactive Production Studio’. With this release igNorAMUS has taken the internal Producer Pro codec, and made it external again. At the same time he made some assembly level optimizations to the code to get between 5% to 12% speed increase when using ‘HQ’ mode on an Intel Pentium CPU. (See the graph included in the release). Note that these assembly optimizations do not affect the sound quality any – the output will still remain exactly the same as output from Opticom Mp3 Producer Pro v2.1

— Main.DietrichKracht – 21 Oct 2006

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