Humor: The official routine.

The official routine.
The Colonel says to the captain: ” morning at 0900 o’clock takes place a solar eclipse. Such a natural occurence cannot one all days observe. Let the crew in Tenue ID on the barracks yard meet. During the observation of this rare event I will give personally the assertions. If it should rain, we will not be able to see much. The recruits are to then go into the cafeteria. “The captain to the first lieutenant: ” in accordance with instruction Colonel takes place in the morning at 0900 o’clock a solar eclipse. If it should rain, we will not be able to see good in the Tenue the ID on the Kaserenenhof. In this case we will execute a disappearing of the sun in the cafeteria. Thus something that one cannot observe all days. ”

The second lieutenant to the Korporal: ” if it in the cafeteria to rain tomorrow should, something that one cannot see all day, our Colonel around 0900 in the Tenue ID will thus disappear. ”

The Korporal to the recruits: ” it seems that at 0900 o’clock our Colonel disappears tomorrow. It harms that one cannot observe that all days!!! ”

From unknown quantities source in a well-known institution