Humor: The official routine.

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The official routine (Solar Eclipse)

The Colonel says to the captain:
“morning at 0900 o’clock takes place a solar eclipse.
Such a natural occurence cannot one all days observe.
Let the crew in Tenue ID on the barracks yard meet.
During the observation of this rare event I will give personally the assertions.
If it should rain, we will not be able to see much. The recruits are to then go into the cafeteria. ”

The captain to the first lieutenant:
” in accordance with instruction Colonel takes place in the morning at 0900 o’clock a solar eclipse.
If it should rain, we will not be able to see good in the Tenue the ID on the Kaserenenhof.
In this case we will execute a disappearing of the sun in the cafeteria.
Thus something that one cannot observe all days. ”

The second lieutenant to the Korporal:
” if it in the cafeteria to rain tomorrow should, something that one cannot see all day, our Colonel around 0900 in the Tenue ID will thus disappear. ”

The Korporal to the recruits: ” it seems that at 0900 o’clock our Colonel disappears tomorrow. It harms that one cannot observe that all days!!! ”

From unknown quantities source in a well-known institution