Consulting: What does Deployment mean?

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Consulting: What does Deployment mean?

In German IT language the word “deployment” is used increasingly often as a “German word”, apparently because there is no native German word to express the intended meaning. But what is the intended meaning of word “deployment”?

“Deployment” is typically used to describe the activity of moving something from one environment into an other (source environment – target environment). Very often the target environment is the productive environment, but you also can deploy something into e.g. the UAT environment.

After deployment you can use the “items” deployed. In German one would say “in Einsatz bringen” or “installieren”.

The “items” to be deployed are typically software items e.g. a piece of executable code, a Windows image, or even “content” can be deployed….

In SAP terms one would say “Transport”.

In terms of classical Software Configuration Management tools, one would “promote” items…