Wirtschaft: Beginner’s Guide to IPOs

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Beginner’s Guide to IPOs

Although investing in IPOs (initial public offerings) is not for the faint of heart or the shallow of wallet, learning about the ups and downs of these fledgling and not-so-fledgling companies can be an eye-opener for anyone.We’ve assembled several links to information that will help potential investors understand the terminology and risks associated with IPO investing.

IPO Overview and Questions

Frequently Asked Questions: This is a compilation of some basic questions posed to us by our visitors. Go read it.

The ABCs of IPOs: This is a special four-part series that aims to debunk the myths around IPOs by examining how they work. (from CBS MarketWatch).

  • One: Speak the language.
  • Two: Know the process.
  • Three: A look at the prospectus.
  • Four: Play the game.

Meet the S-1: An introduction to the content and format of an S-1 SEC filing.
Slides from G. WIlliam Schwert’s Finance 423 session on Initial Public Offerings: (William E. Simon Graduate School of Business Administration, University of Rochester).