Computer: X1Search (aus Wiki)

X1Search (aus Wiki)

Eine meiner DesktopSuchmaschinen für lokalen Einsatz auf einem Windows-Computer.


  • Definitive Software Library ID: X1Search
  • Name: X1 Search
  • Version: 04.09
  • Hersteller/Bezugsquelle:
  • Installations-Ordner:
    • T30: c:\home\bin\x1
    • Lonzo: d:\Programme\X1
    • Braunbaer: d:\Programme\X1


  • Index-Dateien:
    • T30: C:\temp\x1
    • Lonzo: D:\temp\x1\dkracht
    • Braunbaer: …
  • Welche Dateien werden indexiert?
    • T30:
      • Documents and Settings…
      • home
    • Lonzo:
      • D:\Dokumente
      • D:\gmo
      • D:\home
      • D:\var

About X1 Technologies

X1 Technologies, LLC is an information management and productivity enhancement software tools company based in Pasadena, California focused on developing products that assist PC users in finding information quickly. The company’s flagship product, X1, is currently available for purchase and download at The X1 team includes Bill Gross and many of the same programmers who conceived and developed a similar product, the award-winning Lotus Magellan, in 1989. X1 is a network company of Idealab, a creator and operator of technology companies. X1 was previously known as Find.

— Main.DietrichKracht – 01 Jan 2005