Computer: Microsoft Word (aus Wiki)

Textverarbeitung mit Microsoft Word (aus Wiki)

Meine Anforderungen an Textverarbeitung

  • Hohe Verbreitung des Speicherformats
  • Zukunftssichere Software
  • Indizierung durch gängige SuchMaschinen
  • Kompatibilität mit Microsoft Word Format

Meine Kandidaten für Textverarbeitung

Word processors and XML

By using XML to store documents, word processors can gain in portability and compatibility.

Abiword is a small, fast, OpenSourceSoftware word processor that stores text documents in XML format. It is able to export and import text to and from XSL-FO and DocBook. Abiword transforms documents from its own format into subsets of DocBook or XSL-FO and vice versa. By doing so — and with a little massage from external programs — one can obtain different output from a single document source.

Another word processor that uses XML to store documents is StarWriter, a component of StarOffice and OpenOffice. Its DTD is available for download at the OpenOffice Web site (see Resources).

— Main.DietrichKracht – 28 Nov 2004

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