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DatenbankFrontend (aus Wiki)

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Es gibt zwei Schwerpunkte der Anwendung:

  • Für den DB-Administrator (Anlegen von Datenbank-Objekten, Rechte etc.)
  • Für den Entwickler (Formulare, ReportGenerator,…)

Meine Anforderungen

  • Create databases and tables
  • Rename databases and tables
  • Drop databases and tables
  • View table structure
  • View table data as datasheet (i.e. tabular view) including BLOB columns
  • Change table structure (Alter)
  • Edit table data (in tablular datasheet view) including BLOB columns
  • GUI-Editing: Copy and paste table rows via clipboard to/from other applications (e.g. MS Excel, MS Access,…)
  • Export table structure as SQL script (Reverse engineer DDL)
  • Export table data as SQL script
  • Execute SQL scripts (Import table structures/data)
  • Connect to local and remote MySQL databases
  • Connect simultaneously to two MySQL servers, copy tables between databases on different servers
  • Import tables (structure and/or data) from non-MySQL sources (e.g. ODBC sources)
  • Create and change users

Meine Produktliste

Weitere Tools

Meine Bewertungen

Tabelle 1: Meine Bewertungen

Produkt Pros Cons
DBManager MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Xbase
Imports tables via ODBC/DAO
Exports tables to MS Access (DAO)
GUI-Editing: copy only, no paste
not blob view/edit
DbVisualizer Java based
Easy GUI viewer to all JDBC/ODBC databases
very simple export function only, no import
MySQL-Front Multiple server connections
Copy tables between databases
Supports BLOBs
Imports tables via OBDC
Vom Original-Autor Ansgar Becker abgegeben…
Navicat Multiple server connections
Copy tables between databases
Supports BLOBs
Table import wizard (including OBDC)
Table export wizard (including MS Access)
Copy table rows to clipboard
Paste table rows from clipboard
MySQL only
ODBC import hat Probleme mit einigen Datenformaten
PhpMyAdmin OpenSourceSoftware,
WebApplication auf Basis von PHP,…
SQLyog Supports BLOBs
Multiple server connections
Table export as SQL script
Copy tables between databases
Copy table rows to clipboard
Import tables via ODBC (v3.11 free)
MySQL only
Cannot paste table rows from clipboard

Meine Auswahl

Navicat: Als hauptsächliches Dantenbank-Frontend für das Editieren der Dateninhalte DBManager: Für ODBC-Import PhpMyAdmin: Wenn es zwingend auf einem Web-Server laufen muss (z.B. beim WebProvider) MYdbPAL: Für wiederkehrende ETL-Aufgaben


SQLyog v3.51 – The definitive Windows Front End for MySQL, has been released.

SQLyog is a superfast, compact and easy to use Front End for MySQL.

Some of the new features added in SQLyog 3.51 are –

  • Complete support for MySQL 4.1.
  • Improved SQL Editor.
  • Improved ODBC Import Tool.
  • BLOB data does not require double click for viewing if the data is < 255 bytes.
  • More compact and optimized executable ( 480 KB ).
  • Lot of bugfixes and enhancements.

SQLyog 3.51 is available at an Introductory price of $49.

You can download a full featured Trial version of SQLyog at

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