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Analyse von Astrofotos mit AstroImageJ

AstroImageJ is an research-grade image analysis software.

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  • xyz

AstroImageJ is built on Java, and runs easily on multiple platforms e.g. Windows Mac, Linux.

Firstly AstroImageJ is an image viewer for the FITS format (and also supports JPG, PNG, TIFF etc.)

Some features:

  • Plate Solving mit
  • Anzeige von Astronomischen Koordinaten mit WCS
  • Object Identification via SIMBAD
  • Annotationen
  • Image Serien und Kurven
  • xyz

Plate Solving mit AstroImageJ

AstroImageJ benutzt zum Plate Solving

Unfortunately, AIJ will not currently work with the local
server (AIJ is hard coded to look for the nova server at