Computer: Adata Dash Drive Air AE400

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Storage for my iPad: Adata Dash Drive Air AE400

Since my iPad has limited storage capacity and limited connectivity with USB external storge devices I looked out for a solution – some external device that can be well connected with my iPad.

The thing should be mobile as the iPad is, so a good battery and smallness is one requirement.

After some research in the web l found my candidate, the ADATA DashDrive AE400.

The AE400 hat the largest battery I could find at that time (5000 mAh). It even works as an external battery pack to recharge your iPhone when travelling.

Connection with the iPad is via WiFi (wireless LAN).

The AE400 has a Slot for SD cards – I use it with a 64 GB SD card at the Moment.

The AE400 has also a full size USB 2.0 slot to connect with USB memory sticks or even external USB fixed disks.

Using the AE400 with your iPad requires you to connect the iPad with the AE400 which is a WLAN Access Point for the iPad. After the WLAN connection is established you can use a propriotory App. to access your data… DashDrive Air Elite is the iPad-App which comes from the AE400 vendor. It is good to make your first experiences with it.

But you have a broader choice of possibilities. The vendor claims the AE400 is a WebDAV and a Samba server…

In order to use these open standard protocols, you must know the IP address of the AE400 which is and its userid and password which is admin/admin.

WebDAV clients on the iPad are e.g. …..iFiles, MyWebDav, OvertheAir,…iStorage HD

iFiles and WebDav

  • No WebDav with the AE400
  • No WebDav with webdav.mediencenter.t-online.d
  • No WebDav with owncloud/files/webdav.php

OvertheAir and WebDav