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Präsentationen mit Microsoft PowerPoint (aus Wiki)

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PowerPoint Karaoke

See: PowerPoint Karaoke,1518,398488,00.html

The 10/20/30 Rule

Von meinem letzten Vortragsabend der Gesellschaft für Informatik: “The 10/20/30 Rule of Powerpoint” by Guy Kawasaki

Nach: Tammo Freese, Frank Westphal: Ruby on Rails (28.2.2008 HBT)


‘PowerPoint’ is a popular computer-controlled presentation program for the Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh operating systems.

It is among the most prevalent forms of persuasion technology , with some 30 million presentations being made with it every day, according to Microsoft.


Although now a Microsoft product, PowerPoint was originally developed by Bob Gaskins, a former Berkeley Ph.D. student who envisioned an easy-to-use presentation program that would manipulate a string of single pages, or “slides”. In 1984 , Gaskins joined a failing Silicon Valley software firm called Forethought and hired a software developer, Dennis Austin. Their prototype program was called “Presenter”. Due to trademarking issues, its name was changed to PowerPoint. PowerPoint 1.0 was released in 1987 and was originally only available for the Apple Macintosh , and only in black-and-white. It generated text-and-graphics pages that a photocopier could turn into overhead transparencies.

Later in 1987 , Forethought and PowerPoint were purchased by Microsoft Corporation for a price of $14 million. In 1988 the first Windows and DOS version was produced. It has since been a standard part of Microsoft’s Office suite of tools.


In PowerPoint and other presentation software in general, objects such as images and text being placed on each slide retain their position regardless of other objects already placed. This approach is intuitive for beginning users. This differs from desktop publishing software, where the flow of text or images on the page may be affected by the images or other objects placed on the page.



  • Definitive Software Library ID: MicrosoftOffice
  • Name: Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Version: 2000 SR-1 (9.0.3821)
  • Hersteller/Bezugsquelle: Microsoft
  • Installations-Ordner: D:\Programme\Microsoft Office\Office
  • Konfigurations-Dateien:
  • Systemvoraussetzungen: Win95 or higher

Version History (Windows)

PowerPoint ist Bestandteil von MicrosoftOffice.

Tabelle 1: Die Versioneshistorie von PowerPoint

Date Version Office Version Platform
1988 PowerPoint 1 ? ?
PowerPoint 2 ? ?
PowerPoint 3 ? ?
1994-10-01 PowerPoint 4 Office 4 Win 3.x or higher
1995-09-18 PowerPoint 95 (PowerPoint 7) Office 95 Win95 or higher
1997-01-05 PowerPoint 97 (PowerPoint 8) Office 97 Win95 or higher
1999-06-07 PowerPoint 2000 (PowerPoint 9) Office 2000 Win95 or higher
2001-05-31 PowerPoint 2002 (PowerPoint 10) Office XP Win98 or higher
2003-11-27 PowerPoint 2003 Office 2003 (Office 11) Windows2000
2007-01-00 PowerPoint 2007 Windows XP or higher
2010-06-00 PowerPoint 2010
2013-08-01 PowerPoint 2013 Windows XP or higher



— Main.DietrichKracht – 03 Apr 2004

Consulting: PowerPoint Karaoke

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Was wäre ein Berater ohne PowerPoint? Überhaupt nicht vorzustellen.

Gute Berater können zu jedem x-beliebigen PowerPoint Slide Deck aus dem Stehgreif einen perfekten Vortag halten. Das nennt man “PowerPoint Karaoke”. So schreibt es jedenfalls Holger Dambeck am 1.2.2006 in der Netzwelt von Spiegel Online.,1518,398488,00.html

16. Feb 2006 by wingmoon

Consulting: The 10/20/30 Rule of Powerpoint

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The 10/20/30 Rule of PowerPoint

Immer wieder gibt es Diskussionen über die Art uns Weise, wie man “PowerPoint”-Praesentationen gestalten sollte. Da erinnere ich mich an folgenden Tipp:

Ein paar Guru-Tips von meinem letzten Vortragsabend der Gesellschaft für Informatik: “The 10/20/30 Rule of Powerpoint” by Guy Kawasaki Guy Kawasaki Blog

  • Ten slides
  • Twenty Minutes
  • Thirty-point font

Das passt nicht so 100% auf “unseren” Stil, aber ist nicht schlecht. Ich habe einen Vortrag, der sich an diese Regel hält bei der GI gehört.

25. August 2008 by wingmoon