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Computer – Fernsehen: Video-Formate AVI DivX Xvid MP4

What I did the last 10 years: Standard Definition

The source of my videos is recording German TV stations via a DVB-T receiver i.e. in MPEG2 format and TS container (TS =Transport Stream = Generic PES container). The MPEG2 profile is MP@ML (720*576).

With a tool called TMPGEnc Xpress. I did my cutting and then saving in a compessed DivX format. (AVI container, MPEG-4).


I am experiencing two main weaknesses with this “old” solution:

  1. Tagging my videos with metadata (like title, artists, director, genre, year, etc.) is not broadly supported with AVI
  2. High Definition TV

Metadata Tags Support depends on Container: AVI or MP4 or MKV

With my old AVI videos I used “TagTool” which came with my media player Netgear EVA8000.

This works well. but is a restricted proprietory solution. The EVA8000 can read the tags and builds up a Video library from that, which I can use (browse) on my TV screen when I switch to the EVA8000 as my video source. But I didn’t find other “open” media library software that supports these AVI tags.

My Choice of container: MP4

MP4 is a “modern” (2012) container for videos with a lot of advantages for my use scenarios:

  • MP4 is newer than the AVI container and hence better supported by Software
  • MP4 is compatible with Apples devices (iPad, iPhone)
  • MP4 supports tagging

Transition to MP4

  • With MediaCoder I am doing two things:
    • repacking of my old AVI videos into MP4 containers – leaving the video stream and the audio stream as it is (“copy”). This is very quick and as a first step enables MP4 Tagging
    • converting to AVC (H.264) video and AAC audio. This is very slow, but in the long run required for the furture
  • MediaMonkey
    • Builds up a library of my videos in a SQLite database – which I can access even outside of MediaMonkey
    • Copies library data into the MP4 tags (“synchronize”) making my videos self contained and independent of MediaMonkey
    • Video cutting even with MP4

Recording from TV

TV recorder use the TS format, but often split their files into pieces (e.g. each of 1 GigaByte).

Joining such pieces is easy: copy /b piece1 + piece2 + piece3 outputfile

Future Scenarios: High Definition

In my old solution I am recording TS MPEG2 TV broadcasts in MP@ML (720*576). I used two tools for cutting (and after that converting to AVI):

  1. ProjectX –> does not support HDTV
  2. TMPGEnc Xpress –> does not run on Windows 7 –> New version 5: “TMPGEnc Video Mastering Works”.

For the moment I am trying out “MediaCoder”

  • MediaCoder is slow in encoding vieos (even MPEG2 –> Xvid takes more than an hour)
  • MediaCoder can quickly copy strems from an AVI containter to an MP4 container ( 1 minute)
  • MediaCoder is not good for video cutting