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IT Lite (aus Notizbuch)

Wenn ich meine IT verschlanken will, was sollte ich in jedem Falle bei mir behalten?


  • Driving Innovation
  • Stratigic plannung
  • Architecture design/technical planning
  • Business anaylsis/requirements definition
  • Delivering Change
    • System development
    • Program management
    • Support of user decisiones/changes
  • Supporting Infrastructure
    • Data centre operations
    • Network operations
    • Desktop support
    • System maintenance

Five Key Roles for the IT organisation

  1. IT Leadership
  2. Architecture development
  3. Business enhancement
  4. Technology advancement
  5. Sourcing management

The IS Lite Organisation

  • Office of the CIO
  • Office of IT Architecture
    • Governing Role of the Office of IT Architecture
    •  Business, technology, and Architectural Standards
  • Office of Business Enhancement (business needs, agreed level of service)
    • Programme Office
    • Project Office
    • Integration Office