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Open DBcopy (aus Wiki)

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Open DB Copy

OpenSourceSoftware zum Migrieren von Datenbanken.

openDBcopy is a universal database utility to migrate data from and to any database given a JDBC driver. Standard plugins are included, custom ones can be added. Complete migration job saved as XML for easy re-use. Run with GUI or as batch.


  • Definitive Software Library ID: openDBcopy
  • Name: openDBcopy
  • Version: 0.51
  • Hersteller/Bezugsquelle: Sorceforge
  • Systemvoraussetzungen: Java, JDBC
  • Installations-Ordner: D:\Programme\opendbcopy
  • Konfigurations-Dateien: .opendbcopy\conf

Installation: java -jar opendbcopy-xx-install.jar (replace xx with downloaded version)


The default URLs to databases are stored in a file SQLDrivers.xml within your home directory <your_home>/.opendbcopy/conf

— Main.DietrichKracht – 17 Sep 2005

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