Computer: Nokia Ovi Mail Service moved to Yahoo

Dear xxxxxxxxxxxxxx,

Nokia is partnering with Yahoo! to power and enhance your Ovi Mail experience.  In the coming weeks you can enjoy an easier and faster Ovi Mail website, the integration of instant messaging into the mail web experience, and the ability to import your friends’ email addresses from other email services you might already use.

You’re all set to enjoy these service enhancements very soon.

Important to know

Once the transition starts, you will immediately begin receiving new emails into your updated Ovi Mail account, but you may not see your old emails for several days until the transition has finished.  Don’t worry because your emails are safe and are being moved to Yahoo!.  You will see them in your inbox again once the transfer is complete.  We will confirm the completion of the transfer in a separate email.

Additionally, there is a possibility that your Ovi Mail account will get out of sync with the server during the migration.  In this case, you will be able to read your emails that were received prior to the start of the migration to Yahoo!, but you will not be able to forward, move, or respond to them.  If this happens, you can wait several days for the mail migration to finish and bring your account back into sync while maintaining access to your old emails.  Or you can choose to bring your account back in sync with a manual refresh of your account by going into your Ovi Mail account and selecting Options > Synchronise.  If the manual refresh brings your account back in sync, your old emails will no longer appear in your inbox, but don’t worry because they will be restored at the end of the migration process as described above.

If your inbox remains out of sync after a manual refresh or after the end of the mail migration, you will need to manually delete your Ovi Mail account from your phone and then re-add your account.  Delete your account from your phone by going into your mailbox, selecting Options > Settings, pressing and holding your Ovi Mail account, and then selecting “Delete mailbox”.  Then go back to the Mail application and re-create your account by signing back in with your Nokia account.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience that this might cause, but we assure you that this is a temporary situation that will be resolved as soon as the move to Yahoo! is complete.

Thank you for joining us in the updated Ovi Mail service, and we look forward to bringing you further enhancements in the coming weeks!


Computer: Outlook 98

Outlook 98
Optimieren Sie die Nutzung von Outlook 98 – und allen anderen Produkten der Office 97-Produktfamilie – mit Office-Aktualisierungen unter
– Viele neue Vorlagen, Assistenten, Add-Ins und andere Downloads, die die Nützlichkeit von Outlook 98 erweitern.
– Zeitsparende Tips und Ratschläge zur Problembehebung, die die Verwendung von Outlook 98 noch einfacher machen.
– Es werden regelmäßig neue Inhalte hinzugefügt, damit Sie immer auf dem letzten Stand von Outlook 98 sind.Und das Beste an der Sache – es ist kostenlos (Verbindungsgebühren können anfallen). Es bedarf lediglich einer schnellen, einmaligen Registrierung.

Computer: Mailto: RFC 2368 Outlook oder Lotus

Mailto: RFC 2368 Outlook oder Lotus
1. Ausschalten von Notes als Standard Mailclient:
1.1 Edit the c:windowsnotes.ini and add the following line: NotDefaultMailTo=11.2 RegEdit


@=””C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOfficeOUTLOOK.EXE” -c IPM.Note /m “%1″”

RFC 2368 bescheibt die mailtoURL wie folgt,

Die vollständige Liste der header names findet man in RFC822: To, Date, cc, bcc, Subject, Comments, Keywords, From, Body