Consulting: Business Intelligence Platforms

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Business Intelligence Platforms (aus Notizbuch)

Definition: Business intelligence (BI) platforms provide a BI application development environment for complex, custom applications.

Justification for Hype Cycle Position/Adoption

  • Speed: BI platforms have been around for many years in the form of decision support systems, online analytical processing engines or packaged data warehouses. Adoption beyond the departmental level is just beginning.
  • Business Impact Areas: Complex analysis and corporate-level BI applications.
  • Benefit Rating: Moderate.
  • Market Penetration: Five percent to 20 percent of target audience.
  • Maturity: Early mainstream.
  • Example Vendors: SAS, Hyperion, Microsoft, SAS and SAP.
  • Recommended Reading: “Magic Quadrants for Enterprise BI Suites and Platforms, 2H04
  • Analysis by Howard Dresner